Hi, I'm FastyBird, a smart and intuitive platform for Internet Of Things

I'm offering you a ready to go infrastructure for connecting smart devices. You can then control them with easy to use web user interface, or integrate them in your business logic with API.

FastyBird project

Ready to start controlling your smart devices?

No matter, if you want to only watch internet connected thermometer or remotely control garden sprinklers or even build real fully controlled smart home.
With FastyBird platform you can create and control everything you could think.


Smart device could be ready made device, like DIN switch, wall output socket, battery powered environment unit or your own device build with Arduino, Espressif or other board.



Every device is connected to central server and no mather if it is via wireless wifi network, wired LAN network or via gateway with FastyBird bus aka FIB.



The data exchange server has all the core logic. Actually it is a brain of whole system. Processes are monitoring states of watched devices and controlling controllable devices.



All of this is making me, FastyBird. Smart and intuitive platform for every user with love to smart devices.

FastyBird project
  • Observe

    FastyBird will track the state of all connected devices and reporting it for you, so you don't have to.

  • Control

    Control all your devices from a single, mobile-friendly, user interface.

  • Automate

    Set up advanced rules to control devices and and FastyBird will manage it for you.

FastyBird - phones screens preview

Altogether at your fingertips. Anywhere at any time.

All of us have at least once been wondering whether they turned the light, garden sprinkler, or aquarium filter when they left home. Now, you do not have to worry about that.

The only thing to do is to open FastyBird control interface on your smartphone and immediately you will have a chance to see state of all of those devices and also control them.

Simple User Interface.

FastyBird's clean and intuitive interface allows you to focus on what matters most, managing your smart devices.

FastyBird project


  • What is FastyBird?

    FastyBird is a constantly developing project based on an open software and open hardware enabling to build a smart automation systems allowing to operate appliances and other elements.

  • What the latest version does?

    Current version allows you to monitor analog inputs like thermometer, light intensity, humidity etc., monitor digital inputs like door or window contacts, monitor and control digital outputs like switches, lights and monitor events inputs like buttons. All this inputs and outputs could be controlled manually or automatically with routines.

  • What are the components?

    FastyBird is made of exchange server, which is a heart of whole system and user interface.

  • How much is it?

    FastyBird is free of charge. You can use the system and sources in compliance with Apache License 2.0 rules.

  • How can I build my own module?

    In order to build your own module, you need to have the basic knowledge on construction of electronic devices based on one of the platforms, i.e. . ESP8266, Arduino or Raspberry PI. Your device than could connect to exchange server with our MQTT api.

  • Where can I find project sources?

    Project sources are available at https://github.com/FastyBird

An Open Source IOT platform. Built with awesome libraries.



FastyBird's whole user interface is powered by NuxtJS, great JavaScript framework available as OpenSource. Simple, flexible, easy to learn.

Nette framework

Nette framework

FastyBird's modular and extendable architecture is built on top of Nette framework. Another great framework for modern PHP7 applications.

Composer, Doctrine, VerneMQ, RabbitMQ, Supervisor

And many more

A huge thank you to Composer, Doctrine, VerneMQ, Docker, Supervisors, Webpack and all other Open Source projects that make FastyBird project possible.